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Alarm Systems
IDS Accessories

Some items may be subject to "order on request", please check with us on availability and lead times

Optex Saver indoor

  • Pet Friendly 

  • 12 x 12m indoor PIR

  • Quad Zone Logic

  • Small compact design

Optex BX-80 Outdoor

Optex1 Outdoor Wireless Detector 862-01-
  • Outdoor Long range PIR - 12m detection areas on both sides of wireless detector 

  • Variable detection range from

  • 2 - 12m on each side 

  • Double conductive shielding 

  • Advanced PIR technology creates a narrow, long detection area that protects wide horizontal areas 

  • Limited Detection Range Function - can be adjusted to avoid detecting unwanted objects 

  • Layered Detection Pattern that discriminates between large & small objects in the detection area

Optex VXI Outdoor

Optex2 Outdoor Wireless PIR 862-01-VXI-R
  • Outdoor 12 x 12m wireless detector 

  • 1m low mount outdoor detector 

  • 5 Levels of Detection Length Adjustment 

  • 7 Horizontal Area Adjustments 

  • SMDA Logic for environmental noise immunity, with efficient energy management 

  • Double conductive shielding 

  • Advanced Temperature Compensation Logic

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