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Gate Motors
Centurion Kits

Some items may be subject to "order on request", please check with us on availability and lead times

D2 Turbo Kit

  • Turbo speed for greater security. 

  • Very easy to install and set up.

  • Reliable battery backup.

  • Dedicated Solar Mode.

  • Onboard multichannel receiver.

  • Multiple Modes of Operation.

  • Adaptive Collision Sensing.

  • Ease of Maintenance Design.

  • Lockable, easy Manual Override.

  • Improved & Robust steel pinion.

Package includes:

  • Operator, Foundation Plate 

  • Controller with integral 800mA SM Charger

  • multichannel NOVA Receiver 

  • 5Ah Battery 

  • 4m Nylon Angle Rack 

  • 2 x 4 Button NOVA Remotes

D5 Evo Kit

  • Improved Operational Speed.

  • Adjustable speed of operation.

  • Upto 500kg weight limit.

  • Anti-collision technology.

  • ChronoGuard timer automated exclusion settings.

  • Alarm feature setting for attempted burglary.

  • Plug & Play LCD Controller for ease of setup and management.

Package Includes: 

  • Operator Foundation Plate

  • Controller 

  • 2A SM Charger

  • 7Ah Battery

  • 4m Steel Rack 

  • 2 x 4 Button NOVA Remotes

D10 Industrial Kit

  • Battery backup.

  • Intelligent speed control.

  • High duty cycle capability of 1 ton.

  • Smooth acceleration and deceleration.

  • Multiple operating features, including Intruder-detection Alarm Modes.

  • Exceptionally easy system setup via LCD user interface.

  • Onboard CENTURION code-hopping multichannel receiver with selective add and delete.

  • Integrated ChronoGuard timer functionality.

  • Compatible with Centurion GSM modules for notification on gate activity.

Package Includes:


  • Operator Foundation Plate

  • Controller

  • 2A 24V SM Charger

  • 2 x 7Ah Battery

  • 4m Steel Rack 

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